Is the S5 worth the extra money?


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Jul 11, 2005
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Boston, ma
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So I decided between the S3 IS or the S5 IS. I need to know if the S5 is worth buying over the S3? I'm going to New York City Saturday and if I choose the S3 I can buy it for $250 with memory and have it before I leave. If I decide to go with the S5 for around 330-350 I won't have it for NYC. With that in mind is the S5 worth the extra money and the wait?
You don't have a camera now?
If you can...I'd just bring what you got to NYC and get the S5. It's a lot newer, and has lots of nice tech in it.

The S3 isn't garbage...but the S5 is a lot better.

Bring your current, or borrow a camera for the trip...the S5 is worth the money.

I always read reviews here before I buy a camera. Usually they're right on the money. If it were me I'd get the S3. I don't think there has been enough changes to warrant the big price difference. In a few months I'm sure Canon will be coming out the S8. That's one that that always annoys me about cannon. They love releasing a new version with very few changes and people are suckerd into buying the latest and greatest.

The S3 is a great camera. I just sold mine to help to pay for some new glass. But I really liked it. I'm sure you will as well.

By domromer
I don't have a camera right now and this would be my first advanced camera.
my first camera is a S5 IS, i have it now, it takes alittle bit of getting all the modes and stuff down, but its a great camera.
I think I actually decided to go with the EOS Rebel XT. I promise I won't change my mind.
I took a trip to alaska and used a new S3. when I got back I thought some of the pictures were great. Now when I look at the pictures I see noise and vignetting and etc, etc. Guess over the years I developed a more discriminating eye. Don't know if the S5 is going to drastically improve your images.
Anyway, recently I went out and got a Canon 40D. Told the wife we needed to go back to alaska and try again.
She agreed. (Doesn't know what I paid for the 40D.) (don't tell her or she'll be making the alaska trip alone!)

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