Is there a distraction? C&C please.


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Sep 9, 2010
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Southern California
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I was told the mailboxes in the background were a distraction to the photo. I actually tried to get the mailboxes along with the highway and the autumn colored trees in the photo deliberatley to really hit home on the country road. Maybe I aimed too high and wanted too much in the photo and it ended up backfiring on me. What do you all think?
Yes, I think the background is too busy..
I like the composition and focus and DOF on the flowers, but the image is really hurt by the slanted horizon of the road, superbright spots of sun on the pavement, and the mailboxes.

Sorry :(
I agree... This shot would be a lot nicer without the mailboxes. I do like the DOF on the flowers though. Nice, and sharp.
wondering how much a distraction the mailboxes would have been if you hand't told us about them first. when you asked the question and then i looked at the pic i immedietly looked for them. wonder if my eye would have gone to them so quickly if you hadn't said anything lol. think if you just slid over 6" so the mailboxes are directly behind the flower and with a little shallower dof it would work out nice maybe.
Very nice shot I dont think its to busy in the forground the flower catch the eyes the background is distorted enough to make the pic work for me anyways,Pretty flowers:)
I like the mailboxes and it appears you got what you were trying for, although I would darken the road.
Hmmm such good and interesting feedback. THANKS! Maybe I will play with the editing a bit and tone down the saturation of the color in the background while keeping the flower the same. Thanks everyone :)
poor light is the biggest distraction for me. shooting in dappled light like that is tough.

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