Is there a problem with my sb600?


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Feb 21, 2010
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Ok, so a week ago I posted some of my first shots with my sb600 (d3000 camera). They were overexposed badly, even with ttl on. The lens I was shooting with was a 35mm 1.8. From my knowledge and research, the ttl was to help with the flash speaking with the camera and exposing the shot correctly with the settings in the camera. I wasn't seeing this, so I did a bit of research and testing. I've noticed that if I put the zoom on the flash to 24mm or any other zoom besides the 35mm, it exposes correctly, but once changed to the 35mm, it blows everything out. All of these test shots were shot from 2 foot away, 35mm, f/1.8, iso 100, and flash bounced 45 degree.

24mm zoom:

35mm Zoom:

70mm Zoom:

What do you think? Issue with the flash? Should I bring it into Best Buy and swap it out?
Had my SB-600 attached from an earlier shoot so I decided to recreate your issue. I had fairly equal exposure throughout the flash zoom range, nothing over like you posted.

How old are your batteries? Mine do some funky stuff when the voltages get low, might be something quick and easy to check.

Mr.Pink..... THANK YOU for being one out of 44 to respond lol.

I got impatient in waiting and the test shots I posted in the earlier thread were on new batteries pretty much the flash was straight out the box. I was within my 30 days to return it so I did so. Came home, put the batteries I took out of the old flash and tried my test. No overblown highlights when set to 35mm, so it had to be a faulty flash. Not that I'm upset, but its a perfect example how you can go namebrand and still get a junk product, just as you would with a Japanese knockoff brand lol. I'm just glad I did some research on it and figured out my issue within my 30 days.

Thanks again for your help Pink, much appreciated :)

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