Is there any good American public transport?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by molested_cow, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Back in Asia, if it takes 25 mins to get from point A to point B, it will remain the same forever. It's very easy to predict how much time it will take, because the schedule is always tightly maintained. So when someone is late, they can't blame on the transit system.

    NYC subway is pretty unpredictable according to my friends. Sometimes they won't even run the trains at night and you will be waiting forever at the station.

    Today, I took the MBTA of Boston to catch a 2.30pm ferry for Whale watching. I predicted that it will take abt 45min to get there, so I left an hour and 15min in advance. Turned out that the service was cut for a section of the line and I have to take a bus. I missed the last boat out, no whales for me. But I did get to see the seals outside the aquarium.... plus some seagulls by the thrash cans.

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    We Americans can't seem to comprehend time and the importance of punctuality. It really adds a lot of stress to us as a general population, we're always rushing around at the last minute and something makes us late. Public transportation is no exception. The infrastructure, for the most part, is pretty horrible. It is nothing like Europe. I spoke to an American citizen from Tulsa that is living in Zurich and the first thing she mentioned about the city was its public transportation; she said that unlike here it was easy to get around anywhere you needed to and a train was always there when you needed it.

    Talk about a great step towards a cleaner environment.

    I really think we could learn something from the rest of the world, too bad we're too bullheadish -_-

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