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Oct 19, 2006
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I sold my studio lights on ebay the other week. Can see item here.

They are under the condition "used" and my product description was:

"I'm a selling a bowens espirt gemini 500w twin head travel kit in great condition.
This is the kit that includes a medium sized soft box and a shoot through/reverse umberella.

A full set of pictures of the set can be seen here -

Example pictures taken with the lights can also be seen in the portrait gallery on my website -

Kit Contents:
- 2x 500w Gemini Monoblocs plus stands
- 1x Soft Box with 2x diffuser sheets and Bowens head attachment.
- 1x Spill Kill (standard reflector) attachment.
- 1x Umberella that can be used as a shoot through or a bounce umberella. (attaches to the spill kill attachment)
- 2x power cables and 1x sync cable. You may need to purchase a hot shot adapter if your camera does not have the correct socket.
These can be brought from any photography store or ebay.
- 1x Travel Bag with wheels
- All original booklets and leaflets.

*NOTE: there is only ONE modelling bulb included. This modelling bulb has not outcase, but is still very safe for usage. I have been using Radium UV-EX bulbs, there are loads of modelling bulbs for sale on ebay like the Elinchrom bulbs.

Postage and packaging is estimated from Parcel Force for a package that weighs 8kg's and has a value of £500 to a random UK postcode. Please message me if you would like to know the exact value of delivery to your postcode.

If you are in the Birmingham area, I am more than happy for you to collect the lights rather than me posting them.

End note:I am only accepting Paypal payments or possibly cash if you are collecting them. No other payments are accepted.
I will ship the lights once payment has been recieved and it must be recieved within 7days of purchase or the sale will be void.

Again, check my website "" for example of work using these lights. The portrait gallery and promotional work in the music gallery contain examples of how I used the lights.

There are photos of all the items that come with it, including shots of the broken modelling bulb and the softbox.
Obviously after useage the arms on a softbox bend because of the nature of how tightly they fit into the attachment.
Then I recieve this message after the buyer recieved the item.


thank you for sending the bowens Studio light kit..I would like to
say i am a little bit dissapointed with the condition the kit
arrived in Ie One of the Modeling bulbs broken and one of the
softbox rod ben...both of these items wil cost money to repalce there any concession you would like to make


My response:

[FONT=arial,sans-serif]I stated in the item description that the modelling bulb had no outer-casing, but was in a working condition and that was true till the day that it was sent.
I don't understand why you need to replace the softbox. The arms are meant to bend to fit tightly into the attachment, and after useage they stay bent and become easier to fit to the attachment, but remain tight.
I'm sorry, but I cannot offer any concessions. I stated about the broken casing of the bulb and the soft box is in good working, but used condition.

Is her message fair?
Did I not give a detailed enough description?
Didn't I explain specifically enough about the modelling bulb?
Did I need to state that the softbox had bent arms?
I had a buy now price of £600 with £30 P&P, but she messaged me and asked if i could do them cheaper and with free P&P.
Because I was happy to sell them for the £600 I took the P&P charge off and she brought them.
I think you gave her the right response, she will just have to learn to read descriptions on ebay better! I know I always read, then re-read, then probably read again before I buy anything on ebay.
I think people tend to try their luck a bit on there. I always add the lines "Ask ALL questions about this item BEFORE you bid as all bids are final and I make no returns"

as well as

"I take no responsibility for any item once it leaves my hands at the post office"

Then, if anything is broken further, its not my problem.

People should know that when they buy on ebay its not like they get a guarantee! Silly people.
People should know that when they buy on ebay its not like they get a guarantee! Silly people.

Actually you'd be surprised how many people do offer a guarantee.

But I fully agree. She is either pissed because she didn't read the description, suffering buyers remorse because she spent more than she could afford, or just trying to milk a return out of you (definitely not unheard of)

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