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Jan 29, 2009
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I'm checking a Fotography Course on Youtube(In spanish, sorry)...
On one of its initial chapters, it says that any lense's glass shouldn't be cleaned or touched without the proper cleaning equipment..., this, I have no problem it with.. AND... all lenses MUST have a "protective filter" while using them, besides ofcourse its original cap for when not being used, which according to what I saw is some kind of transparent cover cap which goes mounted or screwed in front of the lens.

Is this true?, I mean I already have 2 lenses, I haven't yet even practiced well but I don't have any protective cap/filter.

Something like this:

Yes and no, "all lenses MUST have a "protective filter" while using them" is bull ****, advisable but not a must like they want you to believe. I preferr to use my lenses naked so to speak, I have a 77mm window glass filter (the filter that is actually ment soly to protect the front element, not to be confused with a UV filter) for my 400mm but I don't leave it on the lens wile using it. Extra glass like that is a double edge sword, yes it will protect your lens from dust, flying debris or what ever else may come the lenses way, but additional glass lends to additional risk of lens flare and it too will eventually need to be cleaned and you are going to have to touch it with your cleaning supplies anyway. If you think that just because it is just a protective filer it means one can be careless about cleaning, think again, any scratches in the protective filter serve to amplify the tendancy of the lens flare the filter already amplifies in and of it self. Save your self some money and just buy your self some proper cleaning supplies and clean the lens properly when necessary.

Lens caps when not in use however is a MUST.
something like that isnt necessary, but you should have some sort of protection on the front of your lens.. i have a "filter" that is just a piece of glass.. it isnt UV or anything, just a clear piece of glass that screws on just like a normal filter... its smart to do because it saves your lens.. IF something happened where you smacked the front of your lens on something, the filter will protect it and the filter may break, instead of the lens breaking
thats why I use lens hoods. They are about the same price as good quality filters but don't decrease IQ.
I've only heard that its good to have a filter on to protect the lens, but I've never heard that u have to have it on. By the way, can u provide a link for the photography course, I speak Spanish fluently.
It is really a personal preference. With a additional filter in front of your lens, in some situation, it may cause lens flare. There are some UV filter out there has an extra coating to reduce it.

It is like buy extended warranty or insurance. You only need it when you need it. So, it is more or less a personal choice.
I have a rather expensive 77mm protective filter that I seldom use. All filter will reduce IQ a bit. I have to shoot in bad weather conditions at times. Strong wind with salt spray sometimes mixed with sand and such. This is when I use the protective filter.
Protective filters are generally a good idea. They can however cause lens flair as others have pointed out and also can block up to 1/3 stop of light. To minimize this you need to use a nice multi-coated filter (Tiffen, Hoya, Heliopan and B+W all have them). This unfortunately runs the price up from a $5 filter to a $50 filter, but it is still far cheaper than replacing a lens that got smacked.

No filters on any of mine, why pay good money for L lenses and then screw a piece of crap in front of it

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