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It sort of works.....

Kenneth Walker

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Oct 13, 2014
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Burghfield Common, near Reading, Berkshire, UK
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Landscape of a business park local to me......should I have zoomed in a bit to capture the fisherman a bit more closely ( I would have lost the foreground, though it is only reeds etc). Does the vanishing point of the far end of the lake distract the eye from the fisherman? the observant amongst you will notice the heron perched on the platform on the opposite bank.

Yes, zoom. I think you might have made a good composition with the man and his immediate surroundings.
VP doesn't make a huge contribution, so no great loss if it isn't in the frame.
I don't see the heron. This entire image is quite small.

If you are curious as to an alternate frame, change your profile to allow editing. Just different ideas is all.
The observant among us don't have a magnifying glass handy to see said heron. ;) As for your question about the vanishing-point, IMO, the composition, while nice, does NOT work if you want to feature the fisherman. The brightness of the water and the shape of the bank pull the eye right past him (her?) and down the stream.
I like the shot as a landscape.
I keep focusing, however, on the reddish-brown thing (a sign?) across from the fishing person.
When I first looked the water brightness as mentioned, pulled my eye right past the fisherman as well.It is a nice landscape shot.If your shooting a Zoom IMO always take multiple shots at different focal lengths then when you put them on the computer you have multiple choices.BTW, I can't see the Heron at all but not a biggie since its not about the bird anyways but sense you mentioned it I was looking for it.
There are a couple red points in the photo, if the fisherman was wearing a red shirt it might have helped draw attention to him and balance with the other red things. I feel the foreground is cut off and this is more of a tree-top, cloud shot that goes pretty good until it hits the building on the right.
The shot does seem to have a nice calming effect.
Snowbear....yes, 'tis a lifebelt mounted on a stand...health and safety gone mad. perhaps a little tinkering in PS to tone it right down.

Tirediron, I'm not sure that I wanted to feature the fisherman, however, perhaps I should have done. A lesson perhaps in taking a bit more time/thought in composition of a shot. A serendipitous opportunity missed. In my defence, I was making use of my old git's free bus pass, and a bus was heading my way...I had already walked 5 miles or so, and didn't fancy another 3.
No its not a complete miss,its still a has nice calming effect as Dave mentioned and its a day out shooting in some nice weather and IMO still a nice shot.

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