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Jun 13, 2003
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Wigan, Lancashire
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31 deg over here today and with me being a welder I did not enjoy it one little bit. Played cricket on Sat' (Lost) 28 deg and beautiful. Had BBQ yesterday (Burnt) and about 28deg. Forecast the same tomorrow too.

ps The BBQ was burned not me :D
Hi Darren,
31c is 87.8F so it's not that bad considering it's been well over 100F here lately (38c + to you).
If you must use welding equipment to barbecue with you've got to expect a little charring!
heat index here was 105 F. it feels like your face is melting off your skull!

At least the humidity is reasonable here, unlike the Carolinas this time of year.
Good luck MD!
yeah, i cant wait for fall! oh wait...we dont have a fall here. it goes from summer to winter and back again.

I just got back from So California and the sign that greeted us as we entered phoenix said 119 :p
So did you do that crazy trek to San Diego and Valencia and back by car?
i despise heat ... makes my hair frizzy :?
Drove to San Diego on Friday. Drove from San Diego to Hemet on Sunday evening. Went from SD to Valencia monday morning and almost got in a very bad accident due to a drunk driver that crashed on I-10 outside of Beaumont. A few cars ahead of us for about 10 miles we noticed this maroon camero driving quite erratic. I first noticed when he decided to drive in the left shoulder for about 1000 ft or so. I thought he was going to pass another vehicle but just got back into the left lane. He continued to weave in and out of his lane driving once more onto the left shoulder.
All of the sudden I see a huge cloud of dust fly up as he flew from three left lane to the right shoulder. Then the car goes back across all the lanes, flipping a 180, smashes into the concrete barrier and back into the left lane. There was only one car ahead of us to act as a buffer. We were travelling about 75-80 and had to slam on the brakes. I was about to smash into the car in front of me so I swirved into the shoulder, fishtaled without hitting the barrier and came to a stop. There was quite a bit of traffic on their way to LA so it is amazing that nobody else was touched. As we passed him in the shoulder I told my wife to open her window. He was getting out of his car as we passed and I yelled a few choice words at him and continued on my way to Valencia.

We had a blast at six flags and then drove back to Hemet at 11pm. Left this morning at 11 and got back at 4pm.
You shouldn't be so tough on the poor man...he'd probably had a hard days drinking!
Very common around that's where the illegal aliens come to get loaded.
A few years back our materials manager, his wife and two of the kids were all killed in a head-on with a drunken Mexican.
I'm fascinated that you made it back to Arizona from Hemet in five hours, that's about as long as it takes to drive from LA to 'Vegas.
Glad you're OK anyway.
In my truck I keep a 3' rattan staff that I used when I was learning kung fu. It took much effort for me to not get out and open a can of whoop ass. The smug look on his face as he got out made me furious. :evil: :x
I'm betting that that type was carrying a piece so remember it's not a good idea to take a rattan staff to a gunfight, we like your input on the site so be careful.
What sort of buggy you driving and what's the distance from Hemet to Phoenix?
One final thought...shame you didn't get pictures!
Yeah, it definately would not have been wise to actually act on my thoughts of smashing his skull.... I'm upset that I didn't think to grab my digicam and take pictures. argghhh.

I have a '00 Ford Ranger. It's a lease and it will be over in august. I want either a new corolla, a galant or an altima. It's about 280 miles from Hemet to Phoenix.

On another note, we saw Doogie Howser and Greg from CSI at magic mountain.

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