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Jun 13, 2003
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Wigan, Lancashire
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Apart from the obvious ones ie, Manda, Dave etc. Where does your user name originate? Darfion comes from Darren and my wife Fiona. It's not important. Just curious that's all :wink:
Long ago, when I started my website, I was putting together a site that was going include information on swing and rockabilly bands. I came up with voodoocat and have used it ever since.
Mine started with Chase, my middle name, but it was already used in a lot of places, so it turned into chaseman. Well, that too was already used in a lot of places, so at the time when I really started using it, I was 24...

Somehow it just sort of stuck... 8)

(plus it makes it easy to remember how long I've been doing this Internet nonsense for!) :roll: lol
Dew comes from my user name when i met my hubby a few yrs back online :D ... it just popped in my mind .. it sounded sticky enough :lol:
I use my initials on this website, but other variations and names on others. All my user names are a little different on other registered websites. I have a written list of all my user names and passwords in case my computer crashes or I "lose all my cookies".

The first M6, produced late seventies till half eighties.

No pictures of the new 6 found online yet. :(

Will post ASAP

333bhp 4.4 litre engine


Can't wait for the M6 next year with probably a 550bhp V10 engine :)

Boy, if I can shoot pics of that car for one day........

*dreaming away*
Unknown yet.

No specifications given yet by BMW factory, only the 333bhp and engine.

I'll let you know when they're available.
did some searching in an older BMW magazine

332lb ft of torgue

4.4 V8 engine

2 lighter models will be released shortly after that

the 6-series might also get the 4.0 litre V8 engine from the 740d, with 254bhp/442lb ft (diesel engine)

The M6 prolly will get the M5's 550bhp V10.

It'll probably do 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds and cost between 80 and 90k UK pounds
well thank you for saying that im obvious!
hehe it is actually Amanda however

I got sick of uisng usernames at sites. Orie will tell you about all my incarnations :D
When I came here I figured I'd just be me :)
im sorry, im way too obvious. MDowdey is my name. how boring.


Me to, so easy use the name I've had all my life. Don't tell me thats weird? I added the number because there were many. I use the same user name for everything.

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