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Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by crazy_dragonlady, Mar 30, 2008.

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    While my husband and I were out walking today I made sure to take my camera loaded with a fresh roll of film.

    I think it's amazing just how different the world looks when you are carrying a camera compared to when you don't. Know what I mean? It's as if the simple act of putting that camera around your neck makes you purposely slow down and enjoy what it is you are seeing. I think those people out there that don't own a camera or just don't use their's miss so much beauty and interesting subjects.

    I am looking forward to finishing off the roll of film and the anticipation of waiting to see just how those photos turn out is most of the fun in being a photographer.

    It makes life much more pleasant to be able to walk around an view it through a camera! :D


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    It's even better when you can got burn a rool of film and then come home and lock yourself in the downstairs bathroom and develop what you just took and see those images within an hour. THat's when it gets interesting. And I now see everything with a photographic eye. Looking at things as an artist does tend to change one's outlook on their surroundings, I do agree.

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