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Jul 25, 2008
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I'm back with a new photoshoot I did today of my two kids at the park. I would really appreciate some C&C on these! There is one thing hearing from friends and family, but I need to hear the truth!! LOL

Thanks in advance!!






Some white balance issues and exposure, notice your daughters lips. Other thing I see is just a bit to soft in the eyes. I like your compositions and framing.
I totally see what you're saying now. I just went to my room and jumped o the laptop. I notice the pictures all looked wasjed out on here. How can I tell if I need to adjust the screen on the PC or the one on my husband's laptop?
For my own photo pp, I only and exclusively use my computer, that screen is the one I take for "my 100% screen". They never look right on any other screen. (Whether they then look the way I feel they ought to you on your all's screens is a thing I don't know, of course).

Now, to your photos: the first, I feel, is overexposed. Don't know if you tried to go for something like "high key", but ... it doesn't feel like THAT, either. Just "not quite right".

I do love (and best by far of all these!) the second. The lines in the background, his position inside the frame, cool demeanour, slightly mischievous smile, light and exposure ... it all works here.

I feel that the "look around that tree trunk" compositions have been done so often ... I do feel the use of the steps and lines in two is refreshingly different from those that follow. Your focus is not always right in those that follow, though. Which shows MOST in your daughter's eyes in the penultimate. The last is better, but still not quite "there", what focus and sharpness are concerned. But exposure looks good in all but the first.

And have I told you already that I love the second? ;)
I liked all of them. Your kids are very nice. On the fifth photo I think DOF is too shallow, I would prefer to close the aperture a bit because the face of your doughter is sharp but back side of her head and hair is blurry.
As I said before all of them are nice but I agree by LaPhoto about the second photo. I liked it most, he is crazy handsome :)
Good poses, but the photos look a bit washed out for color and maybe a bit over-exposed. I'm seeing some highlights that almost look blown out. Also, the photos appear to be somewhat soft in terms of focus. On the plus side, they're really cute kids and I love the park idea, overall....nice work
Pretty good.

How can I tell if I need to adjust the screen on the PC or the one on my husband's laptop?
The only way to know for sure, is to calibrate your monitors...and that should be done with a calibration device like the Spyder.

Also, would any of these have worked in BW?
Sure...and that would eliminate the color issues.
Inorder to check the settings on the monitors, you can shoot grey card and a macbeth card.
Then you can see which monitor need to be adjusted and make the changes.

Printing is all I care. I print at the same place all the time and try to get my setup to match their colour output then i can correct for that.
I thought just by putting it back to factory settings would work, but I guess not?
Unfortunately not. And when a laptop is gets pretty finicky because the angle you view the screen at may change how you see it...and you may be viewing at a different angle whenever you open it up.

As mentioned, the most important thing is that your prints turn out how you expect them you need to be confident that what you see on your monitor is correct (or pretty close)
First of all... cute kids!

I like the shot of your son best. It's his clothing. It's more "in key" than your daughters. And, you didn't come in so close with a short lens like in the last two of her.

2 and 4 are both very nice. I do want to put a vignette on 4.



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