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It's time to upgrade and get back into it..need some help getting started


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Jan 15, 2008
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Hi Everyone,

Its been some time since i've taken my photograhy seriously. About 7 years ago i purchased a pentax mz50 film camera and found it very easy to use and provided me with some great photos. I used it for several years until the digital convenience kicked in and i puchased a compact with is killing me when using it.

As i am a dedicated fisho, I would like to get a quality digital camera for fishing and general use.

I spoke breifly with a guy at paxtons and he said i can use my old lens and just buy the head of a digital SLR.

So i guess my questions are:

1. Am i better off just buying the head unit and saving the dollars?
2. Which head unit should i purchase? (Bearing in mind dollars are a little tight at the moment!)

Typically i'm looking for something that will give me a quick shutter sheet but i don't need multi shot speed and shutter time / app control.
Most features beyond that are to far beyond my capabilities. I'd also like something that will take good shots on the water with a polarizing lens.

I should also tell you i have the sigma 28-80 and 100-300 mm lenses.

Thanks for any assistance any one can offer.

Buy a Pentax. Same brand, and should have the same mount. IS built in...
the "head" is called the body.
If all your lenses are Pentax mount, then Pentax makes a good digital DSLR body at an affordable price. Affordable for a DSLR, but a little higher than most point and shooters.
If you like those lenses or (like me) a fan of the older manual Takumar/Pentax K-mounts, go with a current model DSLR from Pentax. Very impressive features and quality for the price... If you can afford to, get the K10D. The K100D super is also a very good camera for even less.
What lenses do you already got? Unless you got a nice selection of really good lenses, I wouldn't really bother to keep them for a dslr.

Also, just buying a body does not make sense if you are looking at an entry level dlsr. The kit lenses nowadays costs almost nothing when you buy them with the body. Not the best lenses of course, but they will get you started unless you have the money to upgrade right away. They also cover the 18-55 range that probably is wider than you old lenses anyway.
thanks for the replies guys.

I apprecaite your comments. Currently i have the sigma 28-80 and 100-300 lenses which are in great condition.

I realize i need to purchase a pentax to use the existing lenses which model?
usayit mentioned the k10d and k100D.

Is the 10 that much better than the 100d?

Whats a good price on these units and what is thes best way to purchase a camera? online via US or AUS or in the store?

The K10d is probably the cheapest weather sealed DSLR out there the that would be a huge selling point for me if I was a fisherman.
Buy a Pentax. Same brand, and should have the same mount. IS built in...
the "head" is called the body.

All pentax lenses ever made are the same mount!

They're coming out with a K20 very soon, I personally would save up and get that!
Just a note I went to Ritz and played with both of the pentax DSLRs they had and they felt great in my hands. In the end I went nikon because my dad had some money invested in lenses already.
All pentax lenses ever made are the same mount!

That's not even close to being true. For many years, Pentax used their vaunted "Screw Mount" lenses (which is actually their take on the "universal" Contax mount), which were some of the sharpest optics ever made.

In fact, one of the first "modern" SLR's was the M42 mounted Asahi Pentax which was sold throughout the later 1950's. It was later followed by a long array of "Pentax Spotmatic" cameras in the 1960's. Pentax continued on with the screw mount while others (Nikon, Canon, Minolta, etc.) all moved into bayonette mounts. Eventually, Pentax moved over to the K mount.

The K2, KX and KM were all introduced in around 1975, and from that point on Pentax lenses are compatible with the modern DSLR lines.

I have about 5 35mm Pentax M42 Screw Mount bodies sitting around here that I used in astrophotography years ago. I also have some of the M42 Takumars that are absolutely pristine in quality

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