I've had a go, now i need help.


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Jun 6, 2006
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Right got back from work and decided it had been so long since id used my camera id have a go, so i needed a subject. Who should apear, my little brother, to you i introduce David.

Not having taken a photo of someone as such, as a purpose, i wasnt to sure. With it pooring with rain and pitch black i was also confined to my room.

So got the 55-200mm lens on, i read somewhere that would be best, a zoom lens set the camera away from the subject for a narrower DOF?
Aperture was on about f10, shutter 1/40, ISO 400, no flash?

Can i get some crit help and advice, as i would like to try and get some nice photos of the whole family, but thought id better practice. Ps, i know the background isnt great, i got left with the box room.. not much to work with altho the spotlights are cool to play with.


in the first picture, get that hair away from his right eye.
Well, for starters, if you would make your brother to take a few steps forward it would help. For one, the wall gets a bit more blurry due to DOF and you can probably get rid of the shadow too.
Plus that the pics are a bit flat, play around with the contrast.
And thats all from me, you have to wait for the peeps who actually know what they are talking about now :)
like doenoe said, a little more distance in between wall and your brother.
I would go with f/4 - f/5 and a faster shutter-speed...

don't go faster than ISO400, see if you can go down to 200 or so, with the higher aperture....
If you can get a Cotton Sheet and throw that up on the wall. Get them a few steps forward, and if you can get a light behind them so you can get that shadow out.
That would give it more of a professional look. Id also suggest get a little more light in the picture if you plan to do a whole family
Nice that you have a willing subject. I would try this again only with maybe a wider aperture, fast shutter speed. You're getting some camera shake in these. Sometimes shadows work well in a photo but here they are making the eyes dark and not have a lot of detail which is important sometimes, depending on what you are going for in portraits. :)
cheers all, he wasnt that willing, lol, he just wanted some more photos for all his entourage on myspace lol.

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