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Jan 13, 2008
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I'm looking into buying a digital camera. I can't quite decide what to get, nor am I 100% sure what would be good. I have minolta maxxum HTsi 35mm, which I've had for years, I just need to get a new battery for it before I can start using that again. I was looking at either a Sony DSLR A100, or a Canon rebel Xti or a Nikon D80 or something similar. Price is a slight issue, I still need to go to a store and look at the camera's physically. But I wanted to ask others inputs, and a friend suggested this site. So and advice or suggestions would be greatly appritated in my quest for a new camera.
What I want in a camera is just something that I can put on manual if I want for more control over my pictures. Or just have it on point and shoot if I'm being lazy. I used to be very much into photography back in high school, and I want to get involved in it again as a hobby or more. I'm not sure whatelse to say so I'm going to end it here. Again, whatever help you can lend would be appritated.
There is a lot of questions/info here as this is a typical post. Go to a photo shop and hold each brands model in your price range. The Sony will work with your existing lenses, so that might enter into your decision. All major brands make good cameras.

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