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Nov 27, 2006
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It's just my daughter but I haven't posted any of her in a while. She is 18 months old already! Time flies.

This one is for her dad - there is a set of them but i like this one better so it's the one I'm posting. ;)

and this is the face I see more often than not at the moment!
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Ockie - well yes she DOES hate my camera - but she's also at that age where she wants to do EVERYTHING herself and HATES to be told no, so she's fairly moody for a good portion of the day haha. Good thing that sad little face doesn't make me give in. ;)

Orlandoec - thanks :)
We are in that age also. Our son always yells at us and says "No daddy" or "No mommy" in a very gruff angry voice if we try to help him with ANYTHING...it's funny and at the same time frustrating.
I think one is so cool, I love the curled finger on her right hand :) And your DH is very talented. I know nothing about guitars but that looks fantastic!
sweetsomedays - yes that stage is frustrating and funny at the same time! Thanks for the comments and yes, he's good at making things - I'll have to show a picture next time he custom paints a car.

njman - I can't figure out what high key means I have seen so many different definitions. :) THanks for the comments and I think all of us with kids have the priviledge of that face!

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