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    A fine prospect gun dog trainee, TTF JACKSON LAD O' CLOONFINISH, began his training journey with me starting January 3rd of 2019. JACKSON was procured out of the selectively honed breeding program of Haynes and Colleen Floyd of DOUBLE TT BRITISH KENNELS in Sylvia, KS.

    Progression made since January with JACKSON has included establishment of basic obedience, socialization to humans and other K9's, introduction to a wide and continually growing array of environments, place platform conditioning, introduction to birds, duck calls, gunfire, various terrain and cover types, and introduction to water. JACKSON has been well conditioned to the mechanics of the retrieve and that has been thoroughly conditioned to be his highest valued form of reward. JACKSON is currently being introduced to e-collar conditioning and will soon begin FORCE FETCH conditioning to enhance his already naturally established retrieve to the level of compulsion.

    JACKSON'S intelligence, biddability, work ethic and bird drive is that which I have typically come to expect in any pup out of the DOUBLE TT BRITISH KENNELS bloodlines.

    All said, JACKSON at an age just approaching 8 months is progressing very nicely in his acquisition of the many well honed skills he will need to have entrenched in forging him into a highly trained gun dog and K9 hunt test athlete. The combination of outstanding genetics and competent training on his side, JACKSON'S potential is outstanding.

    ON RETRIEVE ~ JACKSON is seen making way for a bumper still far ahead of him on the water. This was JACKSON'S first day on such a large piece of water and he approached this completely new training venue with the same enthusiasm and zero fear factor he had displayed on much smaller waters. T'is always good to see a pup generalizing the skills we have been working diligently to establish.

    THE PICK UP ~ Cue the theme music to the movie JAWS, JACKSON'S prey drive is akin to that of a Great White as is suggested by the swirling waters caused as he snatches the training bird for a firm but gentle carry on the long swim back to shore.

    LABRADOR PRIDE ~ Simultaneously exhibiting the qualities of self pride and the appearance of a nearly drowned rat, JACKSON assumes his SIT position on the place platform upon return from the water retrieve and holds the bird to make classic presentation to hand of the handler / trainer upon issue of the verbal command "GIVE" as he is being trained to do. The retrieve now having been established as the ultimate high value reward for JACKSON, it is a self sustaining / rewarding element of the training methods I utilize to keep the retrievers I work with stimulated both physically and mentally, as well as highly motivated.

    Though JACKSON would gladly make retrieve after retrieve all day long, we get in a few well executed retrieves, focus on skills development, make it incredibly rewarding for the dog, end on a positive note, and ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE !


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