Janome Steel


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Jun 2, 2013
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This is my first real shot a B&W so let me know what you think. What you like and don't like and maybe what i could have done different. All C&C welcome.


Janome Steel by shutter_shocked1, on Flickr
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Normally people comment either if they love the picture or if the picture needs a lot of work. Technically, your shot needs no improvement, it just isn't interesting enough to warrant a response. How about trying a more abstract, creative viewpoint? Experiment and try and think outside the box. I know it sounds clichéd but it'll lead to better pictures.
I like the material, but the lighting needs some work to really pull it off. I'd try against a black background and use some really diffuse lights to accentuate the curved steel.
I think the views include "guest" views.
Since only forum "members" can comment, it makes it look like you are being ignored more than you actually are.
Ok thank you all for the feedback, i personally though it was in interesting image that's why i shot it, but that's my opinion. After i post a photo i guess i just get anxious to see what any comments will be.

I did try shooting this with a black background but i found it really made me strain to look at it to see the image, maybe i'm missing some techniques to do it that way. I had a speed light and on camera flash and i diffused the best i could at the time. I think i will invest a few dollars is some lamps or another flash and some diffusers.

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