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Jan 29, 2006
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Not where I thought I'd end up
A few of my nephew's (Jared) graduation announcement shots I took last Sunday. Did a bit of post editing to remove blemishes and adjust lighting. I'm new at this so all comments and critiques welcomed...




:lol::lol: All of these were around 600K files before I moved them to Photobucket and this is how they resized... Gotta figure that out one of these days...
#2 is my favorite....

Few Comments -

1 - Not real fond of the blur vignette - Maybe just crop in closer

2. Definately crop in closer... the eye is drawn to the post above his head the way it is now

3. You guessed it! Crop closer.

Thats my only suggestions..lol! Nice shots though!
I like the first view quite a bit. I agree... maybe a different vignette treatment. I wish he was dressed in something darker for this setting... something that would photograph deeper than his skin tones.

Nice shot!

I agree with the above comments. One thing that may help, I once read that it's best to keep the eyes in the upper half (maybe it's the upper 1/3?) of the photo. In the second it seem his eyes are right about center.

I'm sure there are lots of exceptions to that though. :p
Thank you - good comments from everyone... Bethany - I agree with the close-cropping thoughts too. Corry - interesting tip about the top 1/3 of the frame. I'll try and remember that in the future. Pete - I really liked this shot best of all I took but my sis-in-law didn't care for the doors. No matter how I tried cropping, it seemed too square so I decided to blur the edges with Center-Focus.
My sister-in-law wanted casual shots with the quaint downtown scenes as background. My nephew didn't even want to be there!:lol:


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