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May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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Jus shot a couple for a wedding announcement yesterday. outdoor shoot with fill flash. :) Shot at the local restored train station on the boardwalk surrounding it.

hey jk! awesome shot... they look a very sweet couple... very content... i guess they'll know after the wedding hehe :biglaugh:
i can never get my fill flash to work right hence i never end up using it :( ... it looks great here!
nice one :thumbsup:
thanks mansi :D they are a sweet couple. I'll shoot their wedding in july....should be fun. hope they know what they're getting into :lol: ;)
I use the 550EX on high speed synchro (flash will synch with the camera at any shutter speed) and shooting manual.

Jus try it with yer 350D on manual and onboard flash...the cam will do the work for you. Or try different exposure compensation in conjunction with using the flash outdoors.
great shot jon, good control of fill flash..... i did a few portraits the other day... still haven't got my head around the fill flash, seems you can still have to much light from it if your not carefull..... you've balenced it nicely here, very well done :thumbup:
JonK, that's a really nice shot of the happy couple. You did a great job getting the skins tones. And as always I love your tilted angle.
hey arch...thanks for that. Honestly it baffles me too :lol: i'm jus flyin by the seat of my pants (plus i read the manual ;) )

thanks anti :D glad you liked it
hi jon they look really nice....u've done a very good job.....they're gonna love these.....
congratulations to them from your photographer friend 'kunal'.......:)

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