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Apr 27, 2009
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Cleveland, Ohio
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I had to do some quick and dirty shots, and didn't have all my gear.
I had to work quick because these were being picked up this morning, and I had no time.

I created a "U" shaped wall of 2 sheets of 8.5x11 paper taped at the 8.5 edge, with the opening towards the camera. Laid a piece across the top, and had one for the floor.

I also taped paper to hang from the end of the lens to minimize gear reflection.

Camera mounted 580exII shooting down on the paper "roof".

Not bad?


This one is B&W, because the center diamond had an awful color cast that I haver never encountered before. I also had to "replace" one of the small stones in PS for the same reason.


The center diamond has a yellow cast, and that's actually how it is.
Smudge in the background. Grrrrr.


All shot with the EF 100mm 2.8 Macro
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I like them, whats the deal with the third image, is that a ring? Looks uncomfortable.
Horrible. JK ha. What the heck, would someone really wear number 3 as a ring? looks uncomfortable.
They look good bitter, only thing I could suggest is they look a little dull, maybe bump the exposure/levels or brightness up a touch?
I would totally wear the third ring! It looks tight! I love stuff that's different. As for the pictures, I think they look fine for what they are. I agree with RobNZ though. They need to be bumped up in the brightness a bit..but I also like bright pictures!
Nicely done; I think perhaps a little more DoF in #1, and I would suggest a different colour background as the lack of contrast between the rings and the background isn't doing as much for the jewellery as it could.
Hey BJ, I was laying out the newspaper I work at, and I came across an article about Jewelery makers that incorporate fingerprints into wedding bands/necklaces/bracelets etc. I thought you might find it interesting, since you're fairly crafty yourself. Unfortunately our "web updater guy" didn't update the site with the story. So here's their Etsy if you're interested.

Their etsy:

Handmade Jewelry by Brent and Jessica Williams by fabuluster

Not a whole lot of rocks, and bling. But a pretty cool idea methinks.
Gary, I posted this here because there have been several people inquiring about shooting jewelery, and I wanted to show what you could do with just one camera mounted flash and paper. I know you were being funny, but I feel I have to defend myself against those who ***** about me posting here. :meh:

Oh, hey, Tyler, cool wedding bands, but the dog nose pendant is freaking hideous!

Rob, and others, yeah, I see now I have to calibrate my new monitor, these are quite gray on my laptop, and iPhone. Grrrr...

Yes, that last one is a ring, and it is comfortable.
I love the last ring Bitter. Very nice. Pictures are good too but I had to tell you that I love the uniqueness of the ring.
Thanks Dee! It's from one of my design lines. :)
i think they all look underexposed, but that's just me. I'm pretty sure some bitter fans will hate me for it. oh well
since you dont' care about editing ur stuff I'd have went more like this. jewelries are supposed to be shiney, suppoed to appeal the eyes and be a little brighter to catch the eyes



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#2 ring is the classiest one. I bet it costs a fortune! (assuming those are not CZs) LOL.
Thanks. Momo!

I can't wait to see how blown they look on my home monitor. :lmao:
They look so much better on my laptop.

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