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Aug 28, 2006
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Well..i went out tonight, and was pretty dissapointed to see that it was snowing.

Then I found a little spot where I could hide, and take a few pictures away from the snow.




Just a few, it was freezing cold too!:confused:
they are posted in order of how much i like them. the first being my favorite. there are some cool patterns in the snow on the bench in number 2, i want to know what it's like to look through the little hole in the snow. oh well, seems like you brushed the snow off!
I agree with you, first is the best. It looks like the camera captured a frame after someone just left it behind forgotten.
You've got some really nice patterns working in #1 from the underside of the shelter. The lighting from the out building from #3 (assuming) is an enhancement. The falling snow is diffusing the shack's light and the far background with it's lighting.

This is a nice capture IMO. I feel cold and isolated viewing this one.
hey, thanks a lot everyone. I guess I wasn't expecting much of a reply because I was saddened that it was snowing :lol: I too really liked #1, the light from #3 enhances the snow storm effect, and I like it!

I'm somewhat starting to outgrow my camera. And was looking into a DSLR. I was looking at the olympus E-510, any comments on this camera?

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