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Jun 15, 2011
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I was bored tonight, so I got out a roll of greyish white paper, some utility lights from the garage and a tripod. I decided to just play around and see what I came up with. Here's a general idea of my set up (except for the camera/tripod, since I was using that to take the pic).

DSC_5153 by SLampear88, on Flickr

I know these aren't great compositions. I was just playing around. This is what I ended up with:


DSC_5183 by SLampear88, on Flickr


DSC_5164 by SLampear88, on Flickr


DSC_5163 by SLampear88, on Flickr


DSC_5152 by SLampear88, on Flickr


DSC_5096 by SLampear88, on Flickr

I know they aren't great, but I had fun taking them. My question is this: in the photos of the liquor, there are darker shadows near the top that almost look like a vignette. This would be because my lights are so low, right?? Where I was working, I didn't have any way of hanging them higher, but I just wanted to make sure that I have the right idea. Hanging the lights higher would have helped to take away that vignette-ish look at the top, correct?? Thanks in advance!
shamelessly bumping this up since I posted in the middle of the night lol
I think you'd get better feedback if you posted a not playing around picture with your set up. Otherwise no idea if it is a good thing.
I'm just asking for an answer to my question about the vignetting at the top. Here's one where you can really see it but my white balance was really off.

DSC_5160 by SLampear88, on Flickr
Well if you look in the picture of your setup, you can see the same vignetting going on on the back of your paper. I don't think the problem is that the lights are too low, I think it's because you have purely side lighting. If you were to bring them closer to the camera (probably no more than a 15 degree angle) that would cast more light onto the back of your paper and might do the trick. Just my $0.02, I am definitely not a professional here, haha.

PS I approve of your choice of alcohol :p
Bring the lights closer to the paper?? Or my liquor?? lol I'm hanging the lights on the underside edge of the cabinets so I'm really limited with how I can move them. I am able to move the one on the left more to the front, but not by much. Hmm...
Or would adding a 3rd light help?? I could go digging in the garage to see what I come up with lol
The vignette is caused by the light reflectors blocking the light.

You also need to be aware of :

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Instead of lighting the subjects directly, shine up towards paper, have that light bouncing off towards the subjects. Diffusion and better, evenly light.

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