loose sharpness of soe photos in preview


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Mar 4, 2012
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Hi guys..i have problem with the preview of some photos..when i look them in normal size looks like they loose the sharpness..when i zoom a little,it will be back.also..in photoshop..i have the zoom in 31% and the photo havent got sharpness...when i go to 32%,the sharpness is back..what i do wrong?it is normal?sorry for my english...i don't speak very well.. :blushing:
Which version/release of Photoshop?

They have made changes that effect how photos look at different zoom values.

Does your computer have a graphics card that supports OpenGL?
Basically unless you are viewing the photo at 100%; i.e. one pixel in the photo equates to one pixel on the screen, then the software/hardware is doing some interpolating/resizing which will cause an apparent loss in sharpness. Depending on the exact software/hardware you are using this can either work well or not. Some zoom values, like 50% or 25% are easy, some are more difficult. Use windows' built in photo viewer to view a sharp photo at like 16% size to see just how unsharp a good photo can be made to look.
For those that don't know what i.e. means, viewing a photo at 100% means one photo pixel is the same size as 1 screen display pixel.
thanks gays for your answers.my friend i have nvidia gt430..and i see in google that support open gl..what is that;you think that this can solve my problem;
fokker.i saw a picture in windows viewer..when is in the normal size..the picture is a little soft..when i zoom 2% the sharpness is back..

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