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Mar 9, 2007
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Houston, Texas
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I just did a quick portrait of myself yesterday to play around with natural light from the windows in the kitchen. I like some CC so I can improve. I know that the picture is busy but I'm in the kitchen lol. Thanks.

thanks for the comments kegger, I wasn't sure about the exposure of this one so thanks for pointing it out. Anyone else have any comments?
I would work on breaking down every element of the image and thinking about what you like and don't like. Not just looking at it as whole.
If you can identify which elements you like you can apply that knowledge to all of your future work.The elements that you don't like you can avoid in the future. If you like the light than think about why your getting that light. Is it hitting you directly through the window, is it bounced?
What time of day is it, what time of year is it??
Why is the shadow on the left side of your face pretty open....was there a white or light wall on that side of the room bouncing light back at you filling the shadows or maybe a window giving you indirect light.
These are just a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself. Look at your answers and apply them next time you make an image.
I'm trying to give insights into how to grow on your own rather than specific criticisms about the image itself. It's all about growth.
Think about what you would have liked to achieve in this image and then maybe ask more specific question on your next post.
And play..........Play A lot, Shoot a lot.
very good shot and subject, but a bit unsharp. not unless you were going for that look. but it's a bit blurry for me. good pose though! :)
thanks for the comments guys.

I also noticed the shadow, I'm not sure why it is like that. I know that there is a bigger window on the right size of the image creating more light on the right side of my face.
The focus of the picture is a little soft and kind of out of focus with the eyes because I autofocus on another subject at the place that I was going to stand so it kind so it kind of miss it on this one. In this example, I use manual focus to the place where I was going to stand so I think the focus is a little better here, perhaps lighting and exposure is a little better, but I don't like the pose and composition of this one.

well I know you know the background is busy, but you could have moved those things like the bills and paper towels
The position of your hands in the 2nd photo is kind of weird. It's better in the first one.

Also, no one has mentioned this, but the first I see in both photos is the crooked background...
Thanks for the comments guys. I didn't notice that background was crooked but yeah, I set up these shots to play with natural lighting from the windows. I kind of wish that lighting in the first one is more like the lighting in second one.
In your second picture, you are way too far to the right of the frame IMO.
The pose would be good if you had something interesting on the table that you wanted to show off, but in this picture, you don't. I get the feeling that you are casting yourself aside of the image.

Better smile, but I'd lose the glasses.

What if you moved the camera more to the left so that the flower arrangement wouldn't be in the background?

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