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Jun 24, 2007
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San Diego, CA
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Now my stuff looks green.
Does this photo look kinda greenish and not at all contrasty? I edited before the calibration.
Looks reasonably neutral to me. Compare the wall to the window which is blown to pure white, and you can see a slight blue/green cast assuming the wall was white.
the wall looks kinda bluey greeny...

but ya...it's not really "contrasty"
Yes, the wall is blue green. There must be some kind of treatment on our window. Every time I shoot close to it I always have to correct color for a blue/greeny some times even yellowish green tint.

Any better? I did a quick re-edit.
Don't judge color by white paint, different brands have different tinges making for cold whites, (with blue) to warm whites (with yello). With practice you can see castes, but it takes a long time to train your eye, in the darkroom days I've chucked thousands of prints which looked neutral to me but my mentor pointed out castes till eventually I too could see them, I use fuji cameras, these produce beautiful colour but lean towards a warm yellow straight from camera, although pleasing to the casual viewer they all need correcting before submission to a client. H

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