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Nov 30, 2004
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Have a wireless mode triggered by any other flash light? Looking to use it in manual mode, not interested in TTL capability in wireless mode. SB-26 appears to have it but what I read is that it needs to be triggered by a compatible unit. I would like something that could be triggered by any flash like my Pentax FGZ-360 does.

you could buy a sensor unit for whatever flash you want if you wanted to do it that way...probably cheaper if you find cheap flashes.
Thanks, I guess that's an option. Cheaper flashes don't tend to have much in the way of manual controls though.

One of THESE will trigger most flash units optically (when another flash is fired)

There are plenty of good flash units that have some degree of power control, check E-bay for Vivitar 283 units. Also, you can simply move the flash closer or farther away to change it's affect on the subject.
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I believe the SB's that can be triggered optically (without CLS) are the 24, 26, 80 and 800. The SB-80DX is almost identical to the 800 (though without i-TTL) so if you can find them for cheap they are incredible.

In addition to the Vivitar 283, the Sunpak 383 is a good cheap flash. These flashes have 2 main weaknesses, cheap build quality and lack of a zoom head. I used the 383 for years but stepped up to a couple SB-28's and a couple SB-80DX's. If you can find used 80DX's used for $100 or less, they are your best bet. They power down to 1/128th power and zoom from 24 to 105mm. They are good rugged flashes.
Thanks for the info everybody. The Vivitar's three power levels are not as much as I am looking for (nor does moving it give enough control), and it does not swivel. My experience with Sunpak is that I don't want to have any more experiences with Sunpak. I didn't realize that the SB-24 can be triggered optically, either I don't know how to identify it or that capability is not published in the standard specs. I'll check out the 80DX too.


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