Just for fun: The Sims 2 Photography Career.


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Nov 12, 2006
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Hey all. My local Circuit City's going out of business sale meant that my kids picked up a copy of The Sims 2 for the PC. As it turns out I got into the game a bit, but was disappointed to see there are hardly any creative careers.

As it turns out there is a large "modding" community for the game that can make custom things, including careers, for the Sims in the game to have.

So I have downloaded the tutorial and I am planning on creating a "Photography" career.

Only thing is; I need 10 levels of 'career'... here is what I have. Note that this is of course not representative of a real photographers career, but rather a mashup of various levels of photography. I am not 100% happy with it... so I thought some feedback might be in order!


TF Photographer
Department Store Studio Assistant
Studio Photographer
Studio Manager
Wedding Photographer
Newspaper Journalist.
Photography Editor.
Magazine Shooter.
True Artist.

Any ideas? I think the career spends too much time in the studio... but then again that might be representative of a lot of photographers careers?
I love the transition from wedding photographer to paparazzi. I always thought people start as the bottom feeders and work their way to weddings not the other way round :D

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