Just got a Canon Speedlite 430EX II


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Oct 6, 2010
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plymouth england
My canon speedlite 430ex 11 arrived today.I bought this beacuse im going to be doing some photos at a friends wedding.I was told that a speedlite would give better lighting and overall more pleasing shots.Now i thought you would just stick the flash on,and off you go.Little did i realise its so confusing and hard to understand( all the settings and fucnctions ).There seems to be soooooooo many different things it can be set on and its all making no real sense.I feel out of my depth at the moment,and really would appreciate any help from anyone who can give some simple advise on how to set it as simply as possible to get some better photos.

read and practice.
position the flash head to angle your light...dont keep it facing forward. bounce off of walls, ceilings, and bounce cards.
take it off camera with a cord or radio triggers when you feel youre ready.

the addition of a good flash will change your world. :thumbup:

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