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Aug 26, 2010
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I do realize that my camera has no RAW shooting and I have limited editing software, however, I think I can begin to learn something with what I have and a some advice from those who know what photography should look like.

What do you think of these?

1. Black and white


2. Color

I think the tree distracts from your subject and that the B&W doesn't have enough contrast.

Getting in close and filling the frame is good though.
Please someone with some kind of photography knowledge let me know about these. Thanks.
Thank you. I will adjust the black and white one. What do you think of the color in the other?
Thank you. I will adjust the black and white one. What do you think of the color in the other?

I like the color for the most part... But I think the tones in the tree are a bit too distracting...

She is a very pretty young lady... But my eye is drawn away from her to the tree...
I think a shallower Depth of Field might draw less attention away from subject.
Does the black and white one have enough contrast now? Also, what do you mean by a shallower depth of field? Sorry, like I said, I am very new at this. Don't have the lingo down yet.

I blurrred the edges, but probably doesn't help.

1. Black and white edited version (more contrast; blurred edges)


2. Color (Blurred edges; slight color adjustment) not much different.

GIMP is an excellent, FREE image editor. It is available for Windows & Mac, and there are lots of decent plug-ins and tutorials available.
The one thing about the colored pic that sticks out to me is the blue on her chest right above her shirt and then again in the bend of the elbow.


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