Help me pick an entry DSLR!


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Jul 7, 2010
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Omaha, NE
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I'm looking for a good entry DSLR. I know it's been discussed again and again, but my situations a little different. I've been learning on my SX120IS P&S, but there's only so much I can do with it, so I'm looking for an inexpensive entry level DSLR.


Nikon D3000
Sony Alpha A230
Canon 1000D

A guy in town is selling his 1000d. He wants $375 for it with the kit lense (I haven't negotiated yet though.) He says it's barely used. <1000 shutters. I can the the Sony NEW for $350...

I definately want something with bracketing. That's something that my SX120IS doesn't have. Basically just something that I can learn on easily over the next few years.

Thanks for looking!
Sorry, I missed it. How is your situation a little different?

I can get one of the choices locally used, but I'm not sure if that's a good price...
Eaney Meaney Miney Mo... Catch a camera by the toe...

Any of these will be a great entry SLR...

I prefer Canon. But that is strictly personal preference....

So they all pretty much do the same things. I did notice the Sony has 9 AF points vs. the other's 7. Is that a big difference?
I would say pick up a factory refurbished Nikon D3000 kit if it's all you can afford. With the new D3100 body that was just announced a few days ago (maybe a week by now?) D3000 prices are sure to fall. Especially considering the pretty radical changes/improvements from the D3000 to D3100.

If you can stand to wait, I'd say buy a D90 instead. Or wait until the D90 replacement is announced, when D90 prices will also fall.

note: Any of those cameras will do nearly (or just as) good as the other two, I'm just a Nikon guy. :mrgreen:
Beat ya to it Bitter.
Beat ya to it Bitter.

Expecting a fight to ensue?
I have no preference on brand at this point so there will be no arguing from me...
I'd buy the Canon 1000D. There are lots of cheap lenses for Canon.
NO! Not another Canon vs Nikon thread! *headdesk*


No...the OP just wants help picking between three lower end cameras...the D3000 doesn't impress me much...the 1000D seems like a good beginner's camera...the Sony is a Sony,and has all the issues that Sony cameras lens selection, oddball flash foot, almost no resale value...the older Minolta A-mount lenses are going up ridiculously in price...seems like a pretty clear choice for a person who is not system-committed that the 1000D would be the best entry-level camera of the three choices, especially when the alternate options are two of Nikon and Sony's lowest spec'd models. It's kind of like the choice between a Canadian Bacon and pineapple pizza (the Canon 1000D), or a mushroom and anchovy pizza, and a cucumber and ground anchovy pizza...

Please take note of who is suggesting that the OP buy a CANON, so there need be no compact flash confusion,etc,etc. No fanboys need apply...
Check out Olympus E-520 or E-600. Used they are a bargin.

Im not a fan of the AF on the Sony. Nikon and Canon are nice. I would steer clea of the AF-S Nikons though. Get a AF and you will be good.

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