' Just Passing By.. "

May 13, 2007
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Well while your still in the mood for snow , lets take you down the road passing by this Gray Barn , on a Blue sky winters day...

Snow tonight , and tomorrow at this time will be looking at 18 inches of new Stuff.... just will now need Blue Skies!!

This again, a last years shot...

Hope u accept my critics. In your shoes, i would have walked a little on your right before shooting, just to ged rid of that metallic fence. There's wood everywhere, and that metallic fence sounds like a wrong note. Good exposition man, the snow is not burnt and trees not too dark in the end. At least, crop that little piece of metallic fence peeking from left margin.
Nice photo.
My snow never looks like that. I wish someone would hold my hand and walk me through photographing snow.
This is a nice photo...as was said, great exposure. I would boost the colors a bit just to make the sky pop, and although borders are personal preference I think a plain white one would look better. Or at least remove the shadow and just make it a simple black one? :p

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