Just some fun with bunny ears


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Nov 3, 2009
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Today my friend came over, she needed a small frontal portrait photo for a blog, boring stuff... Since she brough me a super duper large coffee and that we were both free for the day, we did an impromptu shooting with my newly purchased bunny ears .


OMG, beautiful friend. I'm so jealous that you have access to so many good looking friends to pose LOL
If only you knew, she's always complaining about not being photogenic and I'm always trying to cheer her up.
Nice work !
Her very smooth skin is natural ? Or it is your work ?
:) Thank you. She have a pretty skin, I only did some small corrections, and only because she asked me too (it's in her head).
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It just looks really good, almost to good, to be... you know. :1219:
It just looks really good, almost to good, to be... you know. :1219:

Vegetarian since 14yrs old, detox tea and yoga freak, non smoker guess it's now paying, hahaha.
Three cheers for bunny ears!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
I really like that first one, fabulous light and shadows really set the mood of the photo. The 3rd I think would look better cropped a bit at the bottom to keep that illusion of nakedness and to remain in step with the others in the set.
The photos are great!

I will tell just a couple of things that don't seem good to me.

- In the 2nd one the shadow on the chin and the lips feels a little over processed.. more intense than normal. The graduation of the chin shadow in 1st and 3rd is more normal and pleasing than in the 2nd. The feeling is that the 2nd has overall more "clarity" (lightroom terminology) than the other 2 and I like more the other 2 because of that.

- I 1st and 2nd photos in lower left part of the nose there is a lump (I'm not sure this is the correct English word) that my eye keeps returning to. Maybe I am over-watching this, but I think this angle exaggerates that part of the nose. I would consider smoothing it a bit in photoshop.

These are the only "bad" for me... but speak the truth I like the photos very much and wished I was the one who made them :)


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Beautiful images and nicely done. My favorite is the last one.


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