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Apr 8, 2007
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Norfolk, VA.
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Okay... before we get into it. Yes, the focus is soft. I was laying on the couch and just hung the camera down and shot, so... <meahh>.

The back story is that my neighbor called us on Sunday afternoon and wanted us to puppy sit. This little girl was bought by their son to give to their granddaughter for Christmas. The lunch thing they had at their house was a last minute thing. We didn't mind but our cat was ticked!


hummm... I was told I have red x's here <curious>
The first one is showing up for me now. You are right about the softness, but very cute nonetheless. Too bad about the person in the background. Wish his right eye had a little more light on it. Kinda looks like he doesn't have one.
Thanks... I know. I didn't put a lot of time into the edit. I just vignetted it and that's about it. I might work on it awhile.
I'm having problems with it. I think that when I put it on my blog (where I originally posted it), I might have encrypted it or put a copyright protection on it.

So... for everybody out there (and this is a lot of hype for a mediocre photo) goto www.davidpolston.com and click on my blog link. The photo is on the top of the page. (And you can tell me what you think if you'd like to about the site/blog)

Sorry about the problems. I am starting to learn how to post here. I still suck at it.
I love the Vikki shot, excellent bokeh and color.
I have tried to link photos out of blogspot to a forum before, and while they showed up nicely for myself, and did for one other viewer, they never showed up for anyone else. Seems like linking out of blogspot is not the wisest thing to do. This I learned. That said, also I see three red x's here, but was on your site and blog (briefly) and will now write down for me that you, too, keep a blog on blogspot. :D

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