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Feb 28, 2010
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Here is my first shot at some football games. My shots when its light weren't bad but when its dark i bumped my iso up to 1600 so i can keep my shutter speed low but it creates so much noise. should i just using a slower shutter speed and not be able to freeze the action as well but no noise or what? Also how do you keep focusing what you want focused. I keep getting the background in focus. But here are two of my shots. One when its light one when it was dark. Any tips for shooting when its dark and under lights is very welcomed.

1. f/5.6 1/500 ISO 200 Manuel at 300mm

2. f/5.6 1/250 ISO 1600 Manuel at 300mm
saw it was ok to edit your pics so i messed with one..hope u dont mind..i ll go ahead and say im not photoshop wizard but i got ride of some of the noise and brightened it up alittle....i used photscape to do it by the way...great free editing program

This is a perfect example in my opinion of why fast telephotos are so good.

If you were shooting with a 300mm f/2.8 this wouldnt be as much of a problem. Its too bad that it costs a fortune to get one though...

#1 - I think a slightly faster shutter speed might have been better, considering you could have went up to at least ISO 400 or more, and still had very low noise. They look like they were moving pretty fast.

It also looks like you missed your focus as well. Try using AI SERVO, or AI FOCUS AF modes to keep a better focus lock on your subject. It will track your subject, and allow you to keep shooting while maintaining focus. I don't know if Nikon has these modes, or what they call them if they do.

#2 - With what you had to work with theres not a lot you could have improved on this. I am guessing you were far enought away to make a flash almost totally (or totally) useless. The image is very underexposed, and the only things you could have done were to lower shutter speed or bump up ISO. These would have created even bigger problems as a result.

Hope this helps.
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I will try using a different focusing mode tonight and see if i can get my focuses better. I will also try to mess with my setting more and see if i can get better exposed pictures but still be able to freeze the action farely well. I wish i could get a better lens like you are talking about but I am a college student and I don't have much money so my f/5.6 300mm will have to do for now. Thanks a lot for the help. I really appreciate it. And no problem on editing my photo. I like to see what people can make of photos.

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