K1000 film loading problems


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Mar 1, 2007
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My daughter's K1000 will frequently have the film slip off the take up roll. I'm wondering if we're loading it wrong or if this was a known problem with that camera or it needs to be cleaned. If anyone is familiar with this problem, I would appreciate suggestions....

thanks so much
I would think that the pickup spool might be missing a tooth.
I am not sure if there is a tooth in the slot to catch the film leader when you put it in.

Some pickup spools are designed in a way that you would put the film leader right through with about half an inch coming out the other side ... this will make the end fold and be held by the pressure of the film that is being wound around it.
After doing some research, I suspect we were loading it backwards. According to the manual (what RTFM?), I think we were loading it from the wrong side. I'll take a close look at the camera when I get a chance and check the teeth. Thanks so much.
I don't see how you can load it from the wrong side. I just looked at mine and the take-up spool is opened so that it can only go one way. (unless you mean you're 'getting it started' with your finger the wrong way)

What I do is stick the film in the spool as far as I can, try to get the leader to come out the other side of it, then use your finger on the ridged edge of the spool to roll it (towards the left) until film covers both sides of the sprockets (to the left of the take-up spool). If both sprockets are pushing the film forward you shouldn't have any problems.
It always seem to load fine but when we close the cover, it skips. I'm sure it's something I'm doing. I will, however, check the teeth as suggested.

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