Kayak Tragedy


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Feb 7, 2009
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S. Idaho
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Driving home and saw a bunch of activity across the bridge... stopped, and found a bunch of kayak runners stranded on a large rock with rapidly rising water.. Just let a ton go from the resevour up river.. Sadly, one of them died. You can see the overturned pontoon boat. I can't tell you how deep this canyon is, and the lack of help if something goes wrong.... They did CPR for 45 minutes before they could get a helecopter to land in the canyon. The last one gives you an example of how steep the walls are... if the picture was the face of a clock, there are rescuers standing about 1:00, less then a 1/3 down from the top of the picture.. Can you see them in their orange vests?

Here, you can see the overturned boat - and the stranded boaters..


The bridge will give you an idea of the depth,


Here, they're bringing the overturned boat back down...


Can you see the rescue personnel?

Wow, that would be terrifying. It was good documentation though. Where did this happen?


Snake River Canyon - SouthCentral Idaho..

Oh my, what a hard-to-reach location at which this accident happened. Photos 2 and 4 really highlight the steepness of the sides of the river. Good job capturing the difficulties the rescuers faced. And how sad that a fun day turned tragic.
Twin Falls to be exact, my old home town and this was truly a sad thing that happened and to the west at the bridge we sometimes have base jumpers who lose their lives as well, it's a true beauty the canyon but DANGEROUS as well.

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