Keep 7D and buy lens or Go Full Frame?


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Aug 31, 2011
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Hi all,
I was recently going to buy a lens for my 7D camera (the Canon 17-55mm 2.8 IS Canon and then soon after the Canon 10-22mm) Which would set me back around 1800 AUS dollars.
The lenses are not compatible with full frame cameras.
So then i started thinking, well if i am going to upgrade to full frame one day, I realised i could do that now instead of buy these expensive lenses which i would then have to sell at a loss later on.
Currently I could put the $1800 dollars towards the 5D Mark II and Sell my 7D Used for about $1000 so i have $2800 dollars.
This is enough for a 5D Mark II and the 24-105mm f/4 lens. Which retails for $2588 dollars from America when converted into AUS dollars.

What do you people think or recommend?.
Maybe wait for mark III? :p.

OR you could buy the nice FF lenses that you would buy down the road and wait on the body. They will work on your 7D! The lenses will retain their value MUCH better than the body. Just throwing that out there as an option.
This is true. I have thought of that. But it does make the lens decision harder as there are really none that give me the range that i like. the 16-35 or the 24-70 on a crop would be strange maybe? Also, at the moment i can get the 24-105 for 600 dollars with the 5D body, i think that is cheaper then what it normally retails for?.
Yeah the 7D is awesome and has really nice features. What would be a nice L Lens for the 7D?
anth_333 said:
Yeah the 7D is awesome and has really nice features. What would be a nice L Lens for the 7D?

What focal lengths do you find yourself shooting at most ?
My general advice is glass before bodies, since investment in good quality lenses not only results in a big gain in optical quality, and thus image quality, but also because lenses are typically more enabling than bodies. A macro enables you to do macro; a telephoto to do long range shots etc....

HOWEVER when one is considering changing the size of the recording medium that they are working with I strongly suggest that they make that change (ie the new body) sooner rather than later. Fullframe gives a different angle of view compared to crop sensor and there is no point building a crop sensor setup if your long term plan is to move to full frame - better to move to the full frame and then build your system up for that specific angle of view that the larger sensor gives.
Note that statement has to be taken in moderation - one must also have a budget for at least one bit of good glass for the body, the higher density 5DMII sensor certainly requires one to have some good glass to get best performance.

So I say - you want to go full frame and you can afford to do so along with a good lens - go for it :)
Just remember - the AF in the 5DMII is weaker than the 7D, if you shoot a lot of sports/wildlife/action you might want to consider holding on, saving for a bit longer and keeping the 7D for those occasions when good AF is superior to the need for the wider angle of view of the 5DMII

PS - at this point loads of 5DMII users will appear to show that you can indeed use the camera for sports and wildlife - its AF is weaker than the 7D, but that is certainly not to say that the camera is incapable of performing in these areas.
Get some L glass and sit tight for the 5D3 announcement that is looming.

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7D seems more professional than 5DM2 to me.

Huh???? Where do you get this stuff from?? :er:

The 7D is a fine camera though, I wouldn't trade for a 5D2. Maybe the 5D3 will be worth the trade though.
Get some L glass and sit tight for the 5D3 announcement that is looming.

Thing is I doubt that the 5DMII price will lower that much, heck the second hand price might even increase once the stocks run dry (since once a new body comes out older bodies are phased out of production). The 5DMIII meanwhile is going to come into the market at a much higher price than the current 5DMII. Its price might well settle on a similar point as the 5DMII is now, after time, but how long that takes is anyones guess.
You could end up playing a very long waiting game waiting for a body that is way out of budget.
Get some L glass and sit tight for the 5D3 announcement that is looming.

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^^^^what he said :)
Yeah I think it is better if I get some good glass now that I can use on Full Frame in The future. Then I will just wait out for the 5D Mark III to see the price.
For now maybe just use the 7D with L Glass.
I never shoot sports and I don't really intend to because it does not interest me.
I am into Street, landscape, travel and other general photography.
It would be good if I could keep the 7D and buy the Mark ii.
Is there are program that can tell me
What focal lengths I shoot more with?
Thank you. Very helpful forum.

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