“Keep me, protect me, share me…and I will live forever!”


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Mar 10, 2007
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I think anybody with a camera will feel inspired by this short video (which is actually a commercial, however I had never seen it before).

Six very-cool minutes: Linky
Pretty cool.

Password please.

Mike's an average Joe, huh? I'm an average Kate. I have pictures. Can I have a wing? No problem.

Thank you for the link, I'm glad I watched that.
That was really cool...

Very very well done - moving, some humour, inspiring and plain simple.

Really liked it :thumbup:
History's pretty neat, isn't it.
Great video. I love knowing that even after I'm gone my photos will live on for everybody to (hopefully) enjoy. My kids will be able to see things from the perspective I did through them, even after I am gone.
Glad I'm not the only one to tear up a bit. Thank you for that post. I enjoyed the video very much!
I do not know if this affects everyone the same way, but it has made me pull out old photos of my family.....
that was a long commercial.
Wow... I was going to pass this up (don't ussually watch random youtube links..)

But this was worth it, I'm so glad I did. Thanks for posting!

I also NEVER tear up during movies (well almost never) but there was just something about seeing the older man looking at the picture of his late wife as they said "and I will live forever" that totally got to me. Beautiful, and inspiring!
Wow, I'd never actually seen the whole thing before, good video.

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