Kenly: Senior Portrait


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Dec 30, 2007
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The warm, sunny, very polite South
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Exif: D300
ISO 200
Not bad. I'd like to see more model and less background.
I agree with craig... not a bad shot, but the height of the angle makes her legs look really small and her shoulders look quite large.

Also, I find it odd to have all of the dead space at the top of the image, and then you cut off her legs at the calves. of course, if you'd had the entire legs in the image it would have probably made her legs look really short and compact.
Making the legs short and compact is why I cut them off, it also allowed me to get more of the water surface in the picture which I think gives it an entirely different feel on the contrast end of the scope.

I know the perspective is kinda weird, not really a whole lot I can do about that. But you don't often see senior ports with this perspective and I thought I would give it a try. Worked out great for me, the client and her family loved this one above all. They have it framed in a 30x20 print on the living room wall.

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