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Oct 30, 2007
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Last year my brother passed away, and before he did he was talking about getting this picture of our parents framed and what not...
I want to get something that will make the picture last and im going to get it framed. Possibly a lamination or something... If you know anything it would be greatly appreciated...
do you have the print? I'd just have a couple prints done. Archive one digitally somewhere. A print should last a long time in a frame as long as it's not on acitic paper.
Well the original print is from 20 some years ago... Its quite large how much would this cost?
Well personally if I were you unless I had a negative for it I would get a good scan done of it so no matter what happens to the print you still have some way of preserving it later. Scanning it and saving it on some kind of arcihival medium is the best way to me to preserve an image. I think as far as preserving the actual print it depends on how important it is to you I am sure you have a frame shop near you that can either frame it for you archivally or help you to do it yourself. One thing I think I would avoid though is laminating it.
I think you meant mounted, not laminated. If you have a new print made from the original, a full-service custom lab can mount the print on artboard, styrene or masonite. I see you are in Pittsburg. Any Hobby Lobby stores nearby? They run sales on their frames all the time, and have an in-house custom framing department. The other week, they had their frames 50% off. I bought a frame and they framed it for free. They did charge for the spacers between the portrait and the frame, but I was able to get a 16x20 print framed for $35 (which included the cost of the frame).
Well, I guess I am just going to have to see.
I don't have that much money but I want my brothers idea to become real.
Thanks everyone.
Is it color or black and white?

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