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Apr 10, 2012
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I've been hired to photograph all the kids in a kindergarten. I've done it once before with mixed results. The problem I had last time, was getting the smallest children to relax and smile. The educators who worked there help but I would like it to be easier. They told med that the last photographer had a prop (a glove shaped like a teddybear) to make sure the children would laugh or smile.

Does anyone have any experince with this or could you recommend a specific prop to help make everything easier?
I had a few things. But no matter what you have the key is to talk to the class before pictures. Just a few minutes to intro yourself. I had one of those long armed stuffed monkeys. I would where is around my neck on my back like a cape. I would ask them if they happen to see my monkey, cause I lost him. They would all point and say He's behind you!. Then I would turn and of course the monkey was on my back so it would turn with me. "Where? There isn't anything behind me. You guys are fooling me" And they would all crack up. Then when picture time came around they remembered I was the funny person with the monkey, not a scary picture lady.

Also, Having them say "CANDY" or "MONEY" or for boys, "STINKY FEET" can help too. A squeaker in the palm of your hand works too. You can touch their foot and squeak. That can make them giggle.

Kids love seeing adults get hurt. Having your stuffed animal hit you over the head is HILARIOUS.

No one thing helps with all kids so have a few tricks and your day will go much better.
Great, thanks for the advice.

Do you know of a good place on the internet where they sell these props?
I just hit the local Toys R Us
Go to the dollar store to get a squeaky toy (kid or dog) and cut out the squeaker.
okay I'll try that:)

Thank you so much:)

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