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Jun 12, 2013
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I am not too sure if this is the correct thread to post to. My husband has finally talked me in to starting my photography business. I take all our family pictures and friends and have decided to take it further. I am specializing in newborn photography and some family portraits. I do all of my editing in Photoshop CS5. I am just confused on how to offer the prints after their sessions. I typically save my images as JPG after editing in photoshop. My questions are: Do I save them as JPG? Do I download them to disc for my clients? Is there any special settings I need to use for this in order for the pictures to stay of good quality? Where do I order their prints from? Thank you in advance for your help!!

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I also know I would never start my business without knowing the answer to any of my questions. I don't know of any other way to obtain this information besides from you guys.
A consistant work flow is one of the keys to success; find a way that works and do it the same way each time. Otherwise you'll get so far behind the eight ball, you'll never see daylight!

My workflow almost never varies: Download images off of card to computer, back up to alternate HDD & burn to disc before I do ANYTHING else. Telling a client you lost their images really sucks. Once I've done that, I import the session into light room and using the rating systems weed out the dogs. This usually culls about 50% of the images. From there I do a second cull deciding between 2-3 of a given pose and now, from say 100 images, I'm down to probably 30 - 35. All of those get a quick initial processing. Level & crop to print size, rough exposure correction , WB correction (roughly 30 seconds/image), and then export to a proof gallery using Lightroom's web module. Post gallery, wait for client picks.

Once client responds, I go through and do a detailed Lightroom enhancement on each image, do everything I possibly can in Lightroom. I then export as .TIFF files (or .DNG if you prefer) and do any other work in Photoshop. Once all of the work is done, I then to a batch convert to full resolution .jpg and either burn to disc, or e-mail to the lab to have printed (or, if I'm really lucky, both).

What you give the client depends on what they want. Many people will tell you that in-home proofing and print sales are the way to go, and yes, if you can, they absolutely are. HOWEVER, in today's market many people don't have the time for home-proofing, and even if they did, they prefer to do things on-line. They also prefer to have their product as an electronic one rather than prints.

All of that said, it's really a matter of finding out what will work for you in your area and your market niche.

Hopefully you have your fb business page done. Then you'll be all set, regardless of of other niggling details, like delivery.

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