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Dec 29, 2007
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Once again... I am new and just trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Is this one bad too? I thought it was different. I am sure she will like it..but heck she is 14... LOL
Looks like you're having problems with either camera shake or movement. By the high ISO and noise I would think it's movement due to low light/slow shutter speed.

The composition is quite good although the material/clothing under her cheek is very distracting. Nice complimenting colour in the background too.
I think you have a nice portrait (I even like the half of face showing) but I agree with Plasticspanner that there is something causing a slight blur to the shot.

Well, after you fix that I think you have some great potential for portrait shots.
^^ what they said plus... if you're going for a half face shot, watch the little bit of hair on the nose thing.

I love these kinds of portraits. It leaves you wanting... more! ;o)
Well, the others have already stated the most important things before me, but from its concept, this one is a nice portrait style for a 14-year old girl, since they are hyper-critical about their own photo, as we all know (I'm mother of a 14-year-old - GIRL! :roll: ;)).

What I like about this particular photo is the fact that she isn't looking (and I rarely like that fact about a portrait), the warm colours, and the background colour of the wall behind her!

If your family will allow you to further practise on them, you will get where you want to be! I am so sure!

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