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Sep 24, 2010
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Parkland FL
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Did a shoot on a Lamborghini Gallardo with three soft boxes in a garage. I am about ready to quit photography as though I have found out that all this hard work has gotten me nowhere. So this will be one of my last few sets on this forum, enjoy.







I think you got some great shots with the 3rd picture of a taillight and the 2nd to last picture of the rear being my favorites. The first shot was lacking a little light IMO to show more details.

Care to elaborate on where you expected to be with your photography and where you are currently?
I think the 3rd one and the last one are very nice.

photography can be frustrating at times, I wouldn't quit tho.
Nice work.

So what's the 411 on quiting?
Exposures and lighting on these are far from ideal... and framing is very static on all but #1. That one could be a keeper with exposure raised a good bit. One problem is that it is floating.. the tires are so dark they just blend into the background.. it isn't grounded.. so it looks weird.

I am assuming you were attempting to shoot professionally, and are disappointed that you haven't done better? I would suggest a lot more reading and practice (possibly even working with a local pro) if you really want to try and make it work.

This is closer to what I would expect a lambo shot to look like ( a white lambo needs to be white.. not gray!)... I cleaned up some of the weird shadowing, and brightened it up.. the rear of car is too poorly lit to do anything with, unfortunately. (edit on bottom)

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^agree. Several shots are too dark, but nothing you can't deal with in post. You do have very nice gradients.
You made the car look like it has a matte finish. I don't even know how you did that.
You obviously have a good understanding of how to produce velvety soft light, you just underexposed most of these about two stops. You also need to set your white point in photoshop. This white car looks positively gray.

Your composition needs some life, but you've definitely got a good eye.

One doesn't "quit" a hobby they're heavily invested in, so I'm guessing you have unmet professional aspirations... maybe best to flex your networking muscle and get with others in your area who you admire. Everybody starts somewhere, and photography as an industry gets more brutal every year.

Hang in there, man.
Somethings in life don't come easy I'm afraid.
I won't be quitting. Thank you all for the tips it was just a really horrible day. Thank you again. I will be posting more later on hopefully.
Forgot to mention the Lamborghini was wrapped in a protective layer and or bra to protect the paint from scratches. Not sure if that is causing the effect you see.
Forgot to mention the Lamborghini was wrapped in a protective layer and or bra to protect the paint from scratches. Not sure if that is causing the effect you see.

You mean the "Underexposure?
Remember the old joke, "So when it gets late, how do I manage to get her bra off?", and the Ferrari owner says, 'Well, I apply a liberal dose of wine," and the next day the Lambo owner is calling the dealership crying about red wine stains all over the front of his car...

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