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Jan 3, 2008
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I find this lamps: at store with tripod, the price is cheap. I don' have much money to spend on studio lamps :(

More details:

230V - 50 Hz Max. 500 Watt

I think the two bulbs are halogen and the color temperature is not 5000 K. But what you think, something smaller for example 3400 K - 4000 K is enough to take portrait photo in room ?

I want to use a Nikon AF-D 50mm f/1.8 to take portrait.
The colour temerature should be fine, since you will be able to adjust your camera prior to taking the pictures. Or you could obviously correct the WB in post processing (might want to shoot in raw to make this easier).

As far as i know, lights like that get quite hot during use. Not a big problem, but something to be aware of.

Also, you may want to plan how you're going to attach modifiers, if you plan to use them ?
They'll work.
They're hot as hell (You can burn flesh on the area around the bulb easily)...but that shouldn't affect you too much unless they're close to flammables or models.

The temperature makes no difference, because you can just set a custom white balance.
Yea my friend has the one thats on the floor and we were taking night skateboarding shots and it was sure hot as hell. haha
Instead of halogen lamps I get 5 economical lamps (5x25 W). The color temperature is 6400 K, cold white. I use the lamps for softbox. I think is much better than halogen.

Which is the best way to set whie balance at 6400 K, I need a custom white balance on Nikon D40X ? Thanks!
Shoot in RAW, and don't worry about WB until post processing. ;)

Concerning lighting, results would be better with flashes and removes the issues of fire hazards and heat issues. Umbrellas and light stands are not expensive (umbrellas are between 20-40 each and light stands are about the same). Used flashes and eBay triggers and you have a setup that is not much more than that cheesy industrial lighing setup.

Look at it this way:

- 1 X light stand: $25
- 2 X eBay trigger: $40
- 1 X 30-45 inch umbrella: $20-40 (optional)
- 1 X used flash (I passed by a local pawn shop and saw about 10 of them ranging from $25 to $250 and all were functional)

So a really nice and reasonable starter setup could be in the $120+ range and the results would be better than any full time hot and very uncomfortable (and ugly... lol) lighting setup.
Thanks, I don't want to spend the money again on other lamps.

I think economical lamp is not very hot and the color temperature: cold white is pretty good. The light is not very strong but I use 5 lamps concomitantly. I need this for product photo and not portraits.

I have one light stand (aluminium, home-made).

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