Land of the Dead

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by mygrain, Jun 25, 2005.

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    So i saw this movie last night. Cool zombies, lame story. I had hoped at some point between Day of the Dead and this new one someone would have taught Romero how to write a decent script. I felt like I was watching Escape from LA with Kurt Russell. And by the end I felt like they had used up the budget and simply crapped the last 15-20minutes onto the screen. The audience was talking by the last quarter of the movie...that is those who hung around and no one was really watching at that point. Why is it that a remake of a so-so zombie movie like Dawn of the Dead can be so damn cool and yet a new installment of teh very same series barely tops the packet of honey mustard I stepped on as I was entering the theater? I give it the Finger!!! and not a good one either. Go see Batman instead...if you've already seen Batman freakin go see it again cuz this zombie movie can easily wait til DVD.


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