I would suggest a higher shutter speed for shots of moving birds- Your image is slightly blurred :(

I always try to get the fastest shutter speed I can fir birds- that sometimes means opening the aperture and upping the ISO to get the desired result

Like this one - shot at 1/2000th sec- f8 really stops any motion blur and ensures a sharper image

Good luck

Les :)
Agreed, it's a nice capture but it's a little blurred. Better luck next time.

The enlarged version shows not blur but a back of the subject focus
issue — as the water surface is shaper than the bird. Sure panning is
lacking when following the subject with AF acquisition on the bird.
Yeah, it was unplanned and far away. Only 1/400 😢
Nice shot! 1/400... ouch! I've done that. Now I keep my camera on 1/1250 as the default, and reduce or increase as needed.
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Yeah, it was unplanned and far away. Only 1/400 😢
I fully understand buddy- practise makes perfect- I usually push the ISo and or open the lens to a wider aperture, to get a fast shutter speed- try it you may be surprised :)

Good luck and keep at it

Les :)

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