Largus Bug and Spider Iris


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Jan 11, 2010
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I have various South African bulbs planted around my house, many of which are beginning to bloom. Last week I noticed one of my Spider Irises (Ferraria crispa) being pollinated by a Largus Bug (Largus californicus), and decided to try to get a picture. It ended up being more difficult than I expected, because although Largus Bugs are relatively slow-moving, this one was camera shy and whenever the flash fired, it would go hide behind a petal for 5-10 minutes before emerging again. Because of that, I only got a few shots, and I think this one came out the best.

Though a lot of people don't like it when flower petals aren't completely in frame, in this photo I think it works because it draws more attention to the insect. Additionally, this species of iris has frilly bits on the edge of the petals would require me to get back some distance to get the whole thing in frame. Feel free to C&C if you want.

1/200 sec, ISO 200, f/16.0
Your picture really works for me. The subject is the bug doing its business, not the flower in general, so I don't mind the petals being cut off nor all in focus. Your composition is just near perfect, and the exposure looks dead on to me. All told, it's a solid winner as far as I'm concerned.

BTW Natalie, haven't seen you around for some time. Figured you took a winter's break. Nice to see your return with such a strong picture.
Great shot! Nicely balanced also! :)
Thanks guys! As for my absence, I dunno. Sometimes I just forget to stop by, hahaha. Now we've been getting some nice springtime weather out here (temps in the mid-70s), so I should probably look for more things to shoot.

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