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Jun 8, 2008
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Warwick QLD Australia
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Hope this is ok. Trying to work with last rays of light wide angle. Is it too dark? Would appreciate any cc please.

the picture is so dramatic love it
Nice shot!

I think I would like to see the forground a bit lighter, but you may ruin the effect...
Very dramatic image. I think if you isolate just the land and bring the light up just slightly(perhaps a simple curves adjustment), this will allow a little more foreground detail, without being detrimental to the overall image.
Nicely done.
Thank you very much for the comments. I tried this, duplicated layer, selected the foreground with magic wand and used curves to brighten the grass slightly and blended layers. Thanks for the suggestions and I think It has kept the effect? Thanks again!

I would have said to leave the foreground alone, but now that I've seen both versions I like the second better. Good shot either way.
I was thinking the same as SympL then said in words, and that is why I really like your edit here. The dramatic effect of the last light in the sky is still there, the sky continues to look really dramatic, yet we get that tiny bit of last light on the ground, too, we see a little more than just black, and that is what I had hoped we would see when I first saw only the first, the original photo. Well done here. Subtle edits often are the secret. ;)
Thank you all for the comments. I like the original for what it is but do like the subtle edit just to lift the foreground. I guess the other option was to crop it. Thanks very much again for the critique.

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