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Jan 21, 2008
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Hello there, I'm new to the forum. Clicked the first link on google. Was just wondering if I could get some comments and criticism on some of my shots.



Two will do for now. More to come soon.
They're very nice for sure, but very "standard". Sunsets get old fast... lol.

It is very hard to do something unique with sunsets. I am going on vacation in about 10 days and beach sunset pics are on my list of things to try... when I get back, if I had any kind of success, I'd be happy to share some ideas.
Thank you for the encouraging remarks. I'm not sure I've reached the potential for which I can sell my photos, but I'll keep that in mind for the future. I'd appreciate if you did JerryPH; enjoy your holiday.
I don't get tired of beach sunsets either since I am right smack in the middle of texas with no beaches! :lol:

I think these are great too, especially the second one. I like all the people in it. It makes it different from most sunsets.

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